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Creating and Deploying Images to client

Created: 13 Apr 2013

Good day all,

The company that I worked for decided to upgrade to Ver 7.1 Notification Server.  By the way this is second post after about two years so please bear with me.

I need help,   I started up a brand new Dell 3600 32 bit client, did the initial set up and set pushed the Agent along with pcanywhere plug and Deployment plug in to the client.    I remote successfully to the client from the notification server but I am attempting to push a Deplpoyment image that is tested and worked successful on another client.  My Deployment script is as follows:

Run reboot to automation

Run deploy image stores

Run Reboot to Production

This is failing after the first step on this new client.    Can one help 

I am new and in the learning stage.   Would appreciate some advise



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