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Creating a connection to your Custom SSAS Cube

Created: 04 Feb 2013
I came across this issue trying to bind ServiceDesk 7.1 reports to a custom SSAS cube, mostly because there is no dimension for Group membership in the default ITAnalytics cube (Seriously? No one wants to report on which Groups have been assigned tickets?)
I started out going "by the book", adding a Connection Context into the Admin->Reports->Connection Context List , but every time I would test the connection, it failed.  I found that by adding the connection info directly into the web.config file, I was able to succesfully use the cube in my reports, regardless of any entries in the Context list.
*I'm assuming you know how to create a Cube in SQL Server Analysis Services.
1. Open the ProcessManager  web.config file (c:\program files\symantec\workflow\processmanager).
2. Find the section titled "<DataAccessConfiguration>" and read down until you see the default OLAP connection information:
<add key="DefaultOLAPConnectionInstance" value="OLAPDefault" />
      <add key="Name" value="OLAPDefault" />
      <add key="Type" value="OLAP" />
      <add key="ConnectionString" value="Data Source = altiris-sql; Initial Catalog=ProcessManagerAnalysis; Integrated Security=SSPI;"/>
This is the connection to your default IT_Analytics SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) database provided by the ITAnalytics solution.
3.  Just below the "OLAPDefault" connection instance, enter a new connection instance to your custom SSAS Cube.
      <add key="Name" value="OLAP_Custom_SSAS_Incidents" />
      <add key="Type" value="OLAP" />
      <add key="ConnectionString" value="Data Source = YOUR_SQLSERVER_NAME; Initial Catalog=YOUR_SSAS_CUBE_NAME; Integrated Security=SSPI;" />
*Change the names as needed. Be sure this new ConnectionInstance node should fall within the parent's closing node "</DataAccessConfiguration>"
4. Restart IIS, and you should have the new OLAP connection listed in the dropdown when trying to create a Cube report in the report builder.