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Creating a dashboard location wise

Created: 19 Feb 2012 | 5 comments
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We have four location for e.g East, West, North and South and in there are many sub groups.

Also we have integrated the Active Directory with SEPM.

I want to know can we create a dashboard location wise in SEPM.

Let me know how we can do it.

Awatiting for the prompt response.


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If you are using multiple SEPM & if you wish to have centralized dashboard for all those SEPM then,

There are 2 Products SPC 1.0 and SPC 2.0 available. These are Dashboards:

Logging on to the Symantec Protection Center (SPC) 1.0 Dashboard for the first time from the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) Web Console.
some more links:

The main Symantec Protection Center 2.0 product page:

Symantec Connect Security Community Group:

Symantec Connect Security Forum (Symantec Protection Center ) (This is where this message is being posted)

User Guides, Best Practices, and other shortcuts to documentation:

Hope this helps you!!


Avkash K

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you need to create an account who can administrer those groups, once the user logs in he can view those groups information.

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Look at IT Analytics. We use this for reporting and dashboards and it comes with a number of reports and dashboards out of the box. We needed some dashboards drilled down to specific domains and groups so I used SQL report builder and created custom specific dashboards.

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Our company will be releasing this week, a new MetriX template for Symantec's SEP 12.1 solution that is comprised of a SEP dashboard template and nearly 40 pre-built Key Performance Indicators.  Users can use the template and start monitoring things like Attacks by Type, Attacks by Severity, Compliance by SEP Feature ie. A/V, IPS, SONAR, etc..

Additionally, we have built in parameters that allow you to view this information by group, so you would be able to easily view risks, attacks, compliance by groups and sub-groups.  Furthermore, our MetriX Performance Dashboard solution, allows you to aggregate data/KPIs from disparate management solutions and databases, based upon the needs of the consumer of the data.

We have also introduced a new My Dashboards portal with our 3.0 release that allows users access to the dashboards they have created or they are entitled to see, providing for significant security controls.  We have also introduced templates for Symantec's Software Management and Patch Mgt. solutions.  However, you are able to build your dashboards and KPIs by directly querying the database of the management solutions you are using.

Please let me know if you want additional information.  I have attached a Data Sheet and screen shot of the new SEP 12.1 template.  This Tuesday, all the information regarding our MetriX IT Performance Dashboards will be updated on our website -

Symantec SEP 12 Dashboard - Image.png
DS - MetriX Performance Dashboard for Symantec.pdf 732.89 KB