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Creating Full and Differential jobs for one server - BE 2012

Created: 28 Aug 2012 | 6 comments

Hi All,

Recently I have upgrade my BE 2010 to 2012 and put myself in a deep s...t. Simply this is one of the big failure of the backup exec product line and these people done big damage to this great product. It was really a nice app when it was owned by Veritas. My problem is as follows.

I have a file server to be backed up and I want to schedule it as follows.

I want to run a Full backup in every Sunday and overwrite the tape

From Monday to Saturday I want to append data to the same tape in Differential mode. Pls let me know how can I do this.......?



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Check the TN is for multiple servers, but you might be able to use the same concept with 1 server:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks for the tip. It will not the solution for my thing. I want to have it like this. I will run a separate job with full backup method in Sunday and I want to have separate job with Differential method and append to that same tape. I can creat the first job without any issue and when I'm going to creat the second one, in the schedule tab there is a Full backup, I want to remove it. How can I do it?



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Why create a 'second' job ? In BE 2012, when you create the first job for that server, add two for full backup on sun & add the second stage for the backup definition is only one, however, in the background, 2 separate jobs are being created..

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Thanks for the tip. Can you tell me how can I run the Differential job in append mode to the same tape.



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Hello Sachitha,

    You need to specify the job to APPEND. But you can not specify the job to run append to the same tape. If you have tape library then it will pick up any tape which is appendable. If you have a standalone tape drive then inserting the same tape will give you the expected result provided that the tape is appendable.



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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If you want to append to one specific tape, you need to do the following

1) create a media set and specify

AP = 6 days.  This will ensure that only this tape is appendable during the week.

OPP = as long as you want to retain the data.  Just remember that the OPP is calculated from the end of the last job that writes to the tape.

2) For your jobs, you need to specify the media set created above.  Your full backup should specify overwrite and your differrential jobs should specify append.