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Creating job alerts for specific jobs - Backup Exec 2012

Created: 12 Dec 2012 • Updated: 29 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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I use Backup Exec 2012 and currently I have jobs running for different days of the week. If I wanted to create an alert to be sent to me for failed jobs for a specific day of the week, how would I go about doing that. I already created an alert to be sent to me through email for failed jobs, but believe this is for all jobs for every day of the week.  Any info would be helpful. Thank you.

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While you are able to enable and disable your notifications on a job to job basis. You are not able to configure the notifications to trigger only on specific days of the week. Once enabled they will be delivered when ever the alert is triggered for that stage. For example you can schedule notifications for a job to only be delivered if triggered on the full and not the incrementals or vice versa.

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Thanks Donald for your input. So basically I cannot chose specifically 25 jobs out of the 100 to receive a notification/alter that my backups have failed or succeeded?  It's either all or none kind of configuration? Thanks again.

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       Not exactly maybe i wasnt clear in my explanation. You could in fact recieve notification on 25 out of the hundred jobs. But you would recieve notifications everytime the job runs. for ex. 

Job 1 runs monday - fri  noticfication enabled 

you would recieve a notification every time the job runs you could not specify notifications be sent only on monday wednesday and friday ... and exclude recieving notifications on tuesday and thursday 

Job 2 runs monday - friday notification disabled 

you would not recieve notification when this job is ran

Job 3 runs monday - friday with a full on Friday and Inc on mon - thurs    

---notification enabled for FULL and not INC

you would recieve notification every friday and none monday - thursday 

----Notification enabled for INC and not FULL

you would recieve notification every monday through thursday and none on friday 

Hope this is helpful

I hope this posting was helpful


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Good info Donald. I do want to receive an alert everytime a specific job is run. The jobs that are running all begin on the same day at the same time and are full backups. I would like this job to alert me, stating that this particular job has either failed or succeeded and whatever extra information that is provided.  Do I need to specify for that 1 particular job to alert me when the job has succeeded or failed? I enabled alerts for failed jobs, but I believe this is for all jobs and not any specific jobs. 

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         Once you have configured your recipients you can choose what type of alerts are sent to that recepient. For example 

Job start, Job success, Job failed.. Etc... 

This is done by clicking the B.E. pearl on the top left of the console selecting 

Configuration and settings -> Alerts and Notifications -> Alert categories 

youll see the categories on the left.. select them and then click the configured name on the right under Send notification to the following recipients. 

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Thanks Donald.  I have completed this task, now I just want to enable the job failed alert for only specific backups. For example, I have 8 groups/jobs that in each job category I have roughly 10-40 backups for each group.  If I can narrow down an alert for 1 of the groups instead of all groups, I would be in business. I only want to know specific backups in which the job has failed.

In summary:

1 group

45 backups

1 recipient

All failed job alerts to this recipient for the 45 backups.

I still have other backups running at other different times, but don't want an alert for those failed jobs. 

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Notification is enable within the job itself.. Within the job itslef on the right hand side under backup select edit and notification then select the recipient. if there is no recipient selected there will not be an alert sent. If a recipient is select the alerts that you configured for him/her to recieve in the global settings will be sent by backup exec. 

I hope this answers your question 

I hope this posting was helpful