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Creating my soapui project to test SymantecVIP authentication against Test Drive

Created: 04 Feb 2014

Hi there,

I am currently integrating SymantecVIP authentication into our website. I am trying to create a soapui project to make validation call. Here is what I did:

1. Downloaded SymantecVIP Access app to my smartphone to get the CredentialID and security code.

2. Downloaded and unzip it.

3. Created a SoapUI project based on provided WSDL.

4. Used the key provided in testdrive cert.

5. Put my credentialID and security code in the Validate request, point the url to the pilot one:

I got an error response " Received fatal alert: certificate_expired".

I am wondering if the certificate has expired. Can Symantec provide me a valid one against pilot server for testing purpose? Would my credentialID and securitycode work in pilot?

I am new to this so any answer would be appreciate.




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