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Creating new project in ServiceDesk 7.1- Add new form to Service Catalog

Created: 05 Aug 2013 • Updated: 05 Aug 2013 | 1 comment


Has anyone created a new project in ServiceDesk Workflow Manager to add new features to Service Catalog? 

I would like to add a new form in the Service Catalog which will allow a user to submit a request for Hardware and associated accessories (be it, desktop, laptop, printer, BlackBerry etc).  Please note that this needs to be an integrated part of the ServiceDesk and not a standalone Workflow.   

The standalone workflow example “Symantec Workflow Request CellPhone” included with the ServiceDesk is a good example but is a standalone workflow.    The package file is located at C:\Program Files\Symantec\Workflow\Designer\Examples.

What I would like to do is create a similar workflow but not sure how to integrate it in ServiceDesk similar to the Submit Incident web form. 

The questions I have are:

Do I need to create additions sql tables? Or can I use the ones for incident management?

  1. What libraries do I use ( I take it I will need to import SD libraries for the project)
  2. What fields of the properties do I need to modify?
  3. Since it’s a new project, will the form have a new numbering sequence?  (e.g. HW-000001)

The process will be as below

 User submit hardware request using the new Hardware Request Form

  1. Workflow goes through approval process
  2. Order is placed
  3. Equipment is deployed.

Any help/guidance is appreciated. Thank you for your help in advance.

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Mine is a Forms Project that uses the ActiveDirectory.dll because I capture the logged-in user and some AD details.  I didn't modify anything or create any new integrations for this.

I did create a SQL view so that I could do reporting on my process, since I do quite a bit of logging throughout (I use the ReportProcess.Result and ResultAnnotation fields exclusively).

It is a stand-alone project, but you can add it to the Service Catalog once it's published (Admin/Service Catalog Settings from ProcessManager).  From there, you can either create a new category or use an existing one. Once you have the category chosen, click the lightning bolt on the right side and select "Add Web Form."  You specify the name, URL (for your project it'd be something like /FormName/StartTaskDialog.aspx), a description, and permissions to the form.  Once you hit save, users will be able to see it by going to Submit Request and clicking the correct category.

You can also specify your reporting on the Project itself (click on the root project and go to the Reporting tab) and number it how you like.

Hope this helps you down the path!