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Creating secondary web forms with custom data when users choose sub categories

Created: 24 Jul 2013 | 7 comments

I'm currently setting up ServiceDesk 7.5 and looking for a method or solution when users choose a particular service category/sub category that it triggers another secondary web form to enter additional custom data fields?

I've done this with version 7.0, but wanted to know if there was a better method in 7.5

Any guidance or help would be appreciated.



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Hi, Ryan, this URL's can help you .....
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Thank you for the URLs...Not sure it's exactly what I'm looking for but I'll definitely take a look at those.

I'm looking to see how I can kick off a web form  when a particular categorie or sub category is chosen when users submit a ticket.

For example: User chooses "Service - New Hire" Category.  I'd like to have another web form presented when New Hire is chosen.  I can customize the web form, just need to know how to trigger this when a particular category is selected.

Hope that makes sense.

Any help or guidance is appreciated!

Thank you!


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The easiest way to enable this functionality would be to have a check performed against the variable holding the classification value after the user hits the submit button. If the value matches what you are looking for then have the flow proceed to a new web form that collects the additional information. The form can then flow back into the rest of the submit path as expected.

If you've got multiple forms that you would like to create depending on different classifications you could put all the forms inside a model and then branch to the specific form.

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Thanks for the suggestion.  Are there any tutorials or videos on how to create or implement this using the SD.IncidentManagementSimple.EndUserRequest workflows?


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I'm not aware of any specific tutorials around adding Classification data to the EndUserRequest form. Check out the web site to some tutorials on Workflow topics.

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I just posted a smilar question.  Any insight on how to do this would be much appreciated!!!

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Hi resendesw,

I ultimately had to create a custom model called "Secondary Form" and added it onto the Create Incident model within the workflow.

In my "Secondary Form" model, I added Text Compare rules, Match Rules, Get Item Components, and my custom webforms to make it work when a sub category is chosen.

I also used these video tutorials to create custom libraries for my secondary webforms.

These videos above only show how to create the custom database from the initial Create New Incident ticket, so you'll have to add these to your sub forms if you want to create a custom database.

Hope this helps you get on the right track.