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Credential based Tasks fail after upgrading from 7.1 SP1 to SP2

Created: 28 Feb 2012 | 3 comments

After upgrading Server Management Suite from 7.1 SP1 to SP2 all of my credential based Tasks are failing in strange ways.  Any Task I have setup to run under specific credentials now fails.  These are various tasks scheduled across numerous servers.  All of these tasks were fully functional prior to the upgrade and now, all of them fail.  Here are some examples.

Simply create a new Task (Command Script) containing the following text "SC Stop Spooler".  Running that task on any Windows server in my organization works when selecting "Symantec Management Agent Credentials"; which is really SYSTEM.  Change that task to use a valid Domain Admin account (like my own) and it fails.  When looking at the command output, it says Access Denied after attempting the SC command.  Now, log into one target server in my org, using the same creds typed into the job, and change the job to "Current logged-on user", and the job runs without issue.

All of my PowerShell commands fail now.  Specifically those that call powershell.exe, from the command line with a psc1 file (-psconsolefile switch).  The output of these (which you could never capture in SP1, but can now capture in SP2) shows the command with no errors.  But it does nothing.

All of my TSM backup Tasks (usually part of a bigger script putting some solution, e.g. Symantec Enterprise Vault, in backup mode) that do not run under "Symantec Management Agent Credentials" are failing to.  This one is even stranger.  The dsmc.exe executable fires, communicates with the TSM server, but simply fails when trying to backup files; TSM logs indicate snapshot failures  Again, same command (same task same server) works when using "Symantec Management Agent Credentials" or "Currently logged-on user" (if that user is an admin).

Guess I will open a ticket tomorrow as this is very high severity for us.  Just thought I would throw this out there to see if anyone else has this problem and perhaps to cause some of you to check your credential based Tasks, if you are using them heavily as we are.

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We seemed to have some permissions change as well after the SP2 upgrade. Specifically, when in a Job, you click click New | Task and the Create Task screen pops up, it is now blank.  I had to go back into the Security Role Manager, change the View drop down to Settings and checkmark Noninherited | System Permissions | Read, and checkmark Noninherited | Task Server Permissions | Create New Task, otherwise, the user will NOT be able to see ANY tasks when they click New | Task in a Job.  Works fine now.  I wonder how many other things 'mysteriously' changed after the SP2 upgrade?

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Please have a look on below guide -

Though this guide is for managing Unix and Linux servers through SMS 7.1 SP2, it might help you to answer your queries.


Ankit Shrivastava

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I opened a ticket shortly after creating this thread.  With the help of support, we found this to be a bug and they have submitted it to the developers for review/resolve.  My ticket is still open and I am still waiting on a fix from development.