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credit card Diners and Amex (issue)

Created: 09 May 2014
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The Product is DLP. 

The Problem is:         Credit Cards Diners and Amex are being detected by the credit card policy and CPNJ (Credit Cards Diners and Amex for the credit card policy is correct)
                                CNPJ of 13 and 14 digits are being detected in the Credit Card policy beyond policy CNPJ (which is correct in the CNPJ) 

What we do: We added the identifier data of 13 and 14 digits as an exception in the Credit Card policy. 
                    Result: CNPJ no longer detected in the Credit Card Policy, But credit cards also no longer detected. 
Does someone have a specific date identifier for Amex and Diners card?

Thank you so much!!