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cremental or deferential the snapshot processing take long time and the exchage stop sending or receiving mail

Created: 30 Jun 2010 | 6 comments
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i have symantec backup exec 2010 installed on windows server 64bit... i used agent for exchage to backup my exchange server 2007 that installed in windowes server 2008 64bit..
i run full backup for my exchage server it run succufully without any poroblem
BUT when run incremental or deferential the snapshot processing take long time and the exchage stop sending or receiving mail
the exchage stop sending or receving mail when the incremental or deferential job start and begian "snapshot processing"

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Make sure you have sperate backup created which is backing up just the Exchange information Store and the AOFO option is not selected in the backup job properties ...
If you have the Aofo option selected uncheck it and retry the backup job again ...

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Removing the AOFO option would prevent the server getting lock and also will allow the users to send and recive email even when the backup is running . Howerver GRT based full backups of Exchange databases may run at an acceptable rate, however, incremental backups may run comparatively slow (i.e. there is a considerable difference in the backup speed of full and incremental backups).
 1. Make sure Backup Exec is fully patched and the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the Exchange server (if it is remote) is updated afterward.
2. Run an offline defragmentation of the Exchange database.  Refer to the Microsoft KB Article below for additional information on how to run a defragmentation on the Exchange database.
 How to defragment Exchange databases
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i already make seprate backup job for exchange .. this job i made it in rule.. and the destintion is B2D...
the AOFO is not selceted ...i try the both with and without AOFO ...
but this problem is appear in icremental or deferential backup only...

The Full backup work without any problem ..

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i deselect the AOFO form job propertise ...

i need to hint somthing  the exchage Database in mount to SAN Storage ..

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Iam having the same issue.  the fullbackup is running successfully , but the increment hangs showing snapshot pre3cessing

please help

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Please check/try the following:

1) in the exchange server check the vss writers:from the CMD type vssadmin list writers and check if the Exchange writer is "ready" or ina "retriable" the last case do a reboot of Your exchange server.

2) did you manually deleted the log files on exchange or the full backup missed to delete some log files, if so, clean the log files with the exception of today and the day before than run a full backup.

3) delete all the exchange job backup and recreate them completly before test the job again.

let me know if it works.

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