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CSP agents that log to two databases at the same time?

Created: 09 Sep 2012 | 4 comments

Wondering if something like this is possible? I have an environment consisting of a 100 or so Solaris agents, sprinkled with Win2k3 and Win2k8 agents. I have two ops centers, both having oversight over the entire architecture. Both Ops centers have a full CSP manager instance installed, with its own SQL database. My boss would like to have all agents report to both databases at the same time - independent of the database themselves (no database sharing). is something like this possible? I know that each agent can only talk to one database.. I was thinking of tweaking the Solaris installs to run two agents, each pointing at a separate database. But don't know how I would do it with the windows agents.

Has anyone tried something like this before?


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Chuck Edson's picture

I do not think this is possible.  

Running two agents on the same machine is not possible, and it really would not matter, as the agents report to the Tomcat server(s), which in turn communicate with the database.

You *may* be able to do transaction log shipping between 2 databases, but that is a question for a DBA.

What is the reason between not having one centralized database?  With the proper SCSP IPS policy on the database server, you can lock it down so nobody can edit the database, if that is the worry point.

You may also may be able to use a SQL cluster, and have one team use one node and the other team use the other -- but again, I am not a DBA . . .

If you could explain the rationale for this setup, we may be able to offset the perceived risks by other means.

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Hi Chuck,

I don't really think its possible either, but felt compelled to ask the question. As for rational, its not a matter of unintended or malicious access to the database - its more of a... general risk to the ops center itself.

my new idea is to use log shipping between the two databases, and have scripts to cut all the agents to whichever database is prime.

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Great, let me know how it goes.  

(Don't forget to mark the thread complete when done)

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Will do.. I plan to mock this up in our lab starting tomorrow.

Oh, regarding my other issue about installing Win2K3 agents. I never figured out what GPO was blocking the install. We're upgrading to W2K8 Enterprise here shortly, and will probably be revamping our domain policies anyway.