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CSP and MS SQL NamedPipes required ?

Created: 08 Oct 2013 • Updated: 21 Nov 2013 | 5 comments
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We have done an installation of CSP for testing, which we may move into Production later. One thing that the Installation Guide mentions is that NamedPipes needs to be Enabled on the Microsoft SQL Server (in our case MS SQL 2008). Our DBA indicates NamedPipes is pretty old and would prefer not to Enable that unless absolutely necessary. Does anyone here know if NamedPipes is really required, and if so, what functionality will not be working until we Enable it? We were able to do an installation without. Where would I go to look for errors if NamedPipes is not enabled to see the negative effects. I know this is a bit of a technical question, so if you think it would be better for me to open a support ticket with Symantec that is fine. I looked and searched for NamedPipes in the KB but did not find anything. Any info would be much appreciated.

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Yes I know namedpipes is required, you wont be able to log into the console if its not.

You'd need to look in the SQL logs to see errors when logging in.

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We have CSP installed and I AM able to login to the Console, but DBA tells me that NamedPipes is not enabled on the MS SQL Server so I am not sure that it IS required (at least for Login). I guess I will open a ticket with support to see if maybe something has changed with later version of CSP 5.2.9 MP3 and NamedPipes is no longer required. Thank you for your time in posting a reply.

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I opened a ticket with Symantec CSP Support and their response was :

"Name pipes are not a requirement for SCSP to function. I know this is a short answer however it may need to be enabled if you have connection issues to the DB. Seeing that you do not have any DB connection issues it will not be needed to be enabled."

Not sure if this is because we are installing 5.2.9 MP3 on MS SQL 2008 with SPs applied or why, but it seems as though enabling NamedPipes on SQL Server may not longer be REQUIRED. I asked support if there was a palce to look for errors to see if there were any problems that may be relating to NamedPipes. I will post if any further information becomes available, but I wanted to update this posting so hopefully others in the future will at least know that NamedPipes MAY not be required in all cases.

Thanks again. Jeff

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I believe that in the guides supplied by Symantec that the mention of needing named pipes is a preemptive statement that is meant to alleviate possible issues when named may resolve communication issues. So turning them on by default would be proactive in a configuration standpoint.

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As stated above, we are using the 5.2.9 MP3 installation on a SQL 2008 R2 SP1 server without the need for Named Pipes. Others COULD enable it if they experience any issues, but for us it has not proven necessary. We tend to do least required configuration changes as it often prevents security risks from being exposed.