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current bprd log got removed

Created: 19 Dec 2013 • Updated: 17 Mar 2014 | 2 comments
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I ahve a  Master server running as a cluster on  I have opened case for a RMAN backup failure , while uploading the logs from the master server. How can i make  bprd to start writing to the new log file.

any suggestions?

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bprdreq -rereadconfig  will re-read the bp.conf or registry. It will not allow certain logs to be at verbose level (such as bpdbm) without them being restarted, but most logs will be (bpcd, bprd, bptm, bpbrm etc)

Of course, you need to have the log directories created under <install_path>/netbackup/logs/ too

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You need to restart NBU for bprd to start logging.

If you have a very busy environment where it is not possible to restart all NBU processes, you can restart bprd as follows:

bprdreq -terminate

(use bpps to confirm that all bprd processes have stopped)


I have not had success with bprdreq -rereadconfig.

Your subject says current bprd log got removed.

What makes you say that?

Log folders do not exist by default. They must be created.
Daemon/services that run all the time need to be restarted to enable logging.

OH!! Wait!! 

Your master server is clustered!

Do not use NBU commands to stop/start NBU processes - it will cause the cluster to register a fault and try to restart or failover.

Use cluster commands to offline and online the cluster resource - not entire service group, just the NBU resource.

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