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Currently Use Script Logic, trying to Replicate in SMC

Created: 28 May 2013 | 1 comment

I have been working on this with a co-worker for a while with not luck, so i wanted to post it here to see what feeback i could get.


We have a MSI package that we receive from a client once a week or so, it does a full uninstall of the product and full install each time we run it.

THey are not very good at updateing version numbers and things like that, so sometimes the package looks the same.

We currently use Script Logic to install this product.  THe install happens at first login and will only install once, no matter who logs in next.  This is how it works:  We have our mis pacakge on a shared drive, i created a winbatch .exe to display a message "software installing." and installs the package, once it is done, a message says "software install complete".   THe way it works is that in Script Logic, i create a "job" that will run this exe at next login. this job also has a unique "uid" (part of Script Logic) 6-7 numbers.  Each time we deploy a new update, we generate a new UID.  so the workstation knows to install it again.  We do this each time, replace the msi with the new MSI and go into Script Logic and generate a new UID.

We are moving away from SL and have access to SMC, our first task is to see if we can recreate this same senario with this product.  Then Move to more streamlined in the future, like installing it at night and not at login. 

This software is crucial to our business, it is important that people know its installed, and if it didn't get installed that we are aware of it.

Is this even do-able?  Will i have to look for a certain file on the machine and use that for weather it needs to be upgraded or not?

Any help would be great, or if you need additional info.



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If your supplier doesn't always change the version or package GUID then you can create your own Detection Rule for the software based on a registry key or file version. But you'd probably have to identify this seperately for each new release.

If they don't always change the GUID or version number of the msi package how can you tell at the moment if it has installed successfully?

if you can't get your supplier to write their software and packages to basic standards you could use a tool likem Orca to create a Transform to enforce this. Maybe the Transform could contain the new GUID and meaningful version number?

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