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Custodian Manager questions

Created: 17 Sep 2012 • Updated: 18 Sep 2012 | 7 comments
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Environment is EV9.0.2/DA9.0.2

I will be setting up Custodian Manager shortly. The documentation explains how to set it up but still have some questions.

The main admin page - http://server2/EVBACustodianManager - is that intended for IT administrators to use, or business users of CA/DA? If it's the latter, how is accessed controlled to this page?

If it's the latter, can I assume that business users can do whatever they need to do directly via the DA client, and never need to visit http://server2/EVBACustodianManager ?

What are the recommended AD synchronisation settings?

Any others tips and tricks? Thanks.

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I have only seen it used by the IT administrator, makes sense as they are the ones that will know the account credentials to set up the synchronization.

Also, now that I think of it, I have never tried to access as any account other than the VSA, it would be easy to test though, I just don't have my lab up right now.

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Okay, just double checked and access to Custodian Manager is going to be managed on the properities of the Customer in the EVBAAdmin page.

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Much appreciated. Are there guidelines as to the recommended AD synchronisation settings? I only have limited visibility of which options I will need to configure via the DA Administrators Guide (as I have yet to install Custodian Manager).


5 Do one of the following, depending on whether you want Custodian Manager

to synchronize with some or all of the containers in the nominated domain

or server:

■ To synchronize with all the containers, click Whole Domain/Server and

then optionally choose to synchronize with mail-enabled users or

mail-enabled groups only.

■ To synchronize with selected containers only, click The following

containers and then click Addacontainer to supply the container details.

■ The frequency with which Custodian Manager synchronizes custodian details

with the corresponding Active Directory or Domino LDAP directory accounts.

■ The number of days that Custodian Manager should wait before it marks as

deactivated a custodian for whom no Active Directory or Domino LDAP

directory account is available.

■ Whether to delete the email addresses associated with a custodian before you

synchronize the custodian with the corresponding Active Directory or Domino

LDAP directory account.

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I am not sure there has been a best practice guide built around it. 

If anyone in the org could be a custodian you could just synch the whole org, a lot will depend on the company, size of the org, etc...

Not sure if you have seen this:

About Custodian Manager

Article:HOWTO31601  |  Created: 2010-09-23  |  Updated: 2012-06-27  |  Article URL
About Custodian Manager
Article:HOWTO31601  |  Created: 2010-09-23  |  Updated: 2012-06-27  |  Article URL
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I have seen that link and the associated ones, thanks. It's just that I don't know all the options I will be presented when I install Custodian Manager, as they are not documented sufficiently in the install guide. Never mind, I will find out soon enough when I install it. Thanks

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Ok, sorry, I am wasn't really sure what you were looking for.  It isn't terribly complicated though.  :)

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Hi, I installed Custodian Manager and everything went fine.

Question, when I click on "Manage or Create Custodians", everything is quick in the GUI.

When I click "Manage or Create Groups", it is extremely slow (takes a full minute to get to the next page).

I have about the same number of synched users and groups (~22,000). Any idea why the "Manage or Create Groups" is so slow? Any way to speed it up? Thanks