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Custom data not showing on Process View page

Created: 07 Jan 2013 | 2 comments

I have created custom data on a WF (7.5) form, and would like to display it on my Process View Page.  I created a new profile definition (actually 2), and added the relevant tables.  I edited the Process View Page to include the custom data fields, and that's all well and good.  I run my workflow, and the data only shows if I go to the Profile Definition page and click Display Definition Values.  It does not show on the Process View Page, no matter what I try.

Wondering what I'm missing, since I've gone over this about a dozen times.  It worked fine in 7.1 and also in the 7.5 beta.

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Try doing an IIS reset and then looking at your values. IIS reset should "regenerate" your profile web service and expose the new values.

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Hi Reecardo,

IIS reset didn't fix it.  Actually, before I posted, I even rebooted the server.  Unless it won't fix WF tickets that have already been submitted...

I'll try running a new one, and let you know how that works.

EDIT - it didn't work.

In looking at my profile definition, do I need to have a category set for this to appear?  I didn't previously, but maybe somethings changed?