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Custom Dialog Box Time Out

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 06 Mar 2013 | 6 comments
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I've wrote a Wise Script to update some Windows components on our workstations.
I launch this script using SCCM.
At the beginning of the script, I launch a Custom Dialog Box to inform users that an important update will take place and that they have to close properly all open applications, before killing them.

Is it possible to return and continue the script if no action is made by the user within x minutes?


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EdT's picture

You will find the "Timed Message Box" script in the Dragonsoft library - it is on this page:

Aside from this, if you are deploying with SCCM or any other service based system, are you users going to see the dialog box at all?  Some interaction with the desktop is possible with XP but on Windows 7, the installers run in an entirely different session to the user accounts, and so communication with the users needs something like named pipes or another messaging technique.

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SomierL's picture

I looked at the Dragonsoft script, but I can't find how to modify the code to return to script after dialog box timeout to start my installation.

Someone could help me?

Best Regards.

EdT's picture

Does the code not return automatically?

Not sure where your issue lies - can you explain what you have tried so that I can better understand your issue?

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SomierL's picture

I wish that at the end of the Timeout (15sec in the Dragonsoft script), the Custom Dialogbox closes, and the rest of my script executes itself.

In the Dragonsoft script, a new Window appears. I wish that my installation starts.

EdT's picture

You need to edit the dialog script, and I am assuming from your posting that you do not know how to access this.

In the main Wisescript, double click the "Custom Dialog Timed Message Box" line. The Custom Dialog Editor will open. Select the "View" menu and choose "Dialog Script Editor".

Scroll to the bottom of the code and remark out the "Display Message" command for "Timed Message Box".

This will return control to any lines you enter in the main script after the "Custom Dialog Timed Message Box" 

You may want to replace the final dialog that you have remarked out in the dialog script with different logic if you want to be able to test which button is pushed.

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