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Custom Job History Report Not Displaying Media Labels

Created: 22 Dec 2010 • Updated: 22 Dec 2010 | 6 comments

Goal: Generate a report showing the latest weekly duplicate-to-tape jobs. This report will be stored along with the media in our offsite location so it can be referenced in case of DR (and loss of catalogs), letting us easily find the latest tape(s).

The custom report I've created contains the backup jobs that were duplicated to tape, date, status, and the media label.

Problem 1: The media label is not displayed in the report.

Problem 2: The preview looks good (other than missing media labels), but running the report generates about 20 duplicates per job.  It appears to be displaying 1 entry per backup set (i.e. ServerName C:, ServerName D:, ServerName: SystemState, and then repeat everything again for verify). Is there any way to get the job history reports to list jobs by job name instead of backup set(?) so there is only one listing per job?

The report is configured as follows:

Job History Group

Job Name
Job End Time
Total Data Size
Media Label

Media set Name = 'LTO5 - Weekly'
Job End Time IN LAST 4 Days

Group by: Server

Sort on: Server
Then sort on: Job Name

Report preview:

This is a run of the report:

I looked through the Media Group fields, but there doesn't appear to be a way to show the jobs that are stored on the latest tape.

The media fields also appear to be different in the different report categories.  The Job History Group has a field for Media Cartridge Name (where is this specified?) which also shows up blank in the above report, while the Media Group has a field for Media Cartridge Label, which does show the media label.

What is difference between Media Cartridge Name, Media Cartridge Label, and Media Label?

Why are Media Label and Media Cartridge Name available fields in the Job History group if they don't display any data? Is there a requirement for another field to be displayed in order to get these fields to show data?

Finally, if there is a better/correct way for me to get the desired report please let me know. If I can't get the above working I guess I'll have to write a few SQL queries and reports myself, but it doesn't seem like this should be necessary for what are fairly basic queries.

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I've edited the report to show the resource being backed up since it doesn't appear to be able to have one entry per job or selection, but I still can't get the media name to appear in the report. The Set Media Family appears to be tied to the piece of media (or perhaps it spans all media if multiple media are used for a single job/resource), but that doesn't help me here.

Armin Kerl's picture

Hello Grand,

this can be a fine Report.

But in the Fact a have 2010R2 and have the same issue with display of "Media Label" or "Media Bar Code".

But the Media Label of the Jobs "Export Media" are shown.

(Tested on 2 Servers.)

Seems to be a Bug, you should report this to Sym.


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You can either open a case with Symantec Tech Support or report the bug as an Idea in the Ideas section of Connect.

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This issue is already reported. Following technote has more details on it:

Please mark it a solution, if this is useful.


Grand's picture

Solved? Surely you jest. I think it's safe to call this one pathetic. After four years, Symantec can't be bothered to fix a report that tells us what is on our media. Perhaps I need to upgrade our support contract to include the Symantec Clairvoyant Techs® who will come onsite in the event of a disaster and use the force to determine which of our tapes are needed for recovery. 

Forget about renewing my support contract, I refuse to purchase any newer versions of this product. I inherited it from somebody who didn't know any better, and it has no place at my organization any longer. Symantec, your competition does not leave bugs like this hanging out there for 4 years. Continuing to release such a "bug" in later versions of the product is just a slap in the face to your customers.

Title: A custom report configured with Media Label or Media Cartridge Name fields will not populate those fields for backup or restore jobs.

Created: 2007-01-19

Symantec Corporation has acknowledged that the above-mentioned issue is present in the current version(s) of the product(s) mentioned at the end of this article. Symantec Corporation is committed to product quality and satisfied customers.

this particular issue is not currently scheduled for any release