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Custom right-click action: Add to Filter

Created: 02 Oct 2012 • Updated: 03 Oct 2012 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

In SMP 7.1, I'm looking for a way to add a custom right-click action where I can right-click a computer and add it to a filter.  Can anyone help?


Jeff M.

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That option is already in the console. At least it's in mine. It could be a permissions setting for which you may not have access? Are you the Administrator? If not, request access to the Right-Click action for "Add to filter".

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I am the Administrator, but we do not have that option.  I have the right-click option to 'Add to organizational group', but not 'Add to filter'.

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Do you have the enhanced console installed? I forget what that is called. Anyway, I'd try this in a dev environment before doing it in production... Also, this should get installed with the CMDB Solution, so I have to ask, do you have that installed?

I exported my Add to Filter right-click menu option. Maybe you can import it into your console. Before you do, there are four items in bold, close to the bottom of the file, to edit the server name and URL to your server. Also, check your SMP version to make sure they match. Not sure if that will make a difference, but it may.

Save the text below the === as an XML file and then import it to your Right-click Menu. It is located here:

Settings=>All Settings, then Settings=>Notification Server=>Right-Click Menu

Right-click the Right-Click Menu folder, select Import, and then navigate to the XML file.


<item guid="{682c43e1-01b5-46e3-b26f-8faf3d8f46e7}" classGuid="{ff783853-ac33-4e1e-83ea-2f1de8ff1d13}">
  <!--  Type: Altiris.NS.StandardItems.ItemActions.GenericItemAction  -->
  <!--  Assembly: Altiris.NS.StandardItems, Version=7.1.8280.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=d516cb311cfb6e4f  -->
  <name>Add To Filter</name>
  <alias />
  <itemAttributes>Readonly, NoClone</itemAttributes>
    <culture name="">
      <description>Add the selected resource(s) to a filter.</description>
      <name>Add To Filter</name>
    <culture name="de">
      <description>Ausgewählte Ressource(n) einem Filter hinzufügen.</description>
      <name>Zu Filter hinzufügen</name>
    <culture name="en">
      <description>Add the selected resource(s) to a filter.</description>
      <name>Add To Filter</name>
    <culture name="es">
      <description>Agregar los recursos seleccionados a un filtro.</description>
      <name>Agregar a filtro</name>
    <culture name="fr">
      <description>Ajoute la ou les ressources sélectionnées à un filtre.</description>
      <name>Ajouter à un filtre</name>
    <culture name="it">
      <description>Assegnare le risorse selezionate a un filtro.</description>
      <name>Aggiungi al filtro</name>
    <culture name="ja">
    <culture name="ko">
      <description>선택한 리소스를 필터에 추가하십시오.</description>
      <name>필터에 추가</name>
    <culture name="pt">
      <description>Adicionar os recursos selecionados a um filtro.</description>
      <name>Adicionar a filtro</name>
    <culture name="ru">
      <description>Добавить выбранный ресурс (ресурсы) в фильтр.</description>
      <name>Добавить к фильтру</name>
    <culture name="zh-Hans">
    <culture name="zh-Hant">
  <originNS guid="{e107ee80-73b8-4c44-9411-934c494d8778}" name="" url="" />
  <target multiItemEnabled="True" type="VirtualWindow" actionUrl="/Altiris/AssetContractCommon/Dialogs/CreateCollectionFromResources.aspx" appendItemGuidsToUrl="False" actionDebugUrl="" windowSize="Medium" />
  <requiredPermissions />
    <class guid="e69f216f-78e8-44e4-94ef-f306a5b7c7b9" />
  <sourceNS guid="{e107ee80-73b8-4c44-9411-934c494d8778}" name="" url="" />
  <security owner="{A37B14F2-54E8-4670-812C-7E0EBC6CD1BC}" inherit="False">
      <ace type="role" guid="2e1f478a-4986-4223-9d1e-b5920a63ab41" sid="{2E1F478A-4986-4223-9D1E-B5920A63AB41}" name="Symantec Administrators">
          <permissionGrant guid="{eca6254f-5017-4730-9b3f-5add230829b7}" name="Delete" />
          <permissionGrant guid="{983a2d22-7a82-4db0-a707-52c7d6b1441e}" name="Read" />
          <permissionGrant guid="{ac296df1-eb40-4592-899f-25d5c07d45f6}" name="Write" />
          <permissionGrant guid="{819dae1e-b1a5-4643-81a1-26ef95feb8a8}" name="Change Permissions" />
          <permissionGrant guid="{726b1c09-7108-450d-ae24-5f8e93135ed6}" name="Clone" />
          <permissionGrant guid="{4ddc04c3-f0a5-4e88-84aa-c44c8c5ebcc4}" name="Read Permissions" />