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CVM 4.1 Master Role

Created: 24 Apr 2010 • Updated: 28 Jul 2010 | 2 comments
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Is there any way to choose the next CVM master?  

Who would become the next CVM master when vsfcbe4 stops it's CVM SG?

Can I change a config file to make, let us say, sjmemfs07 the next CVM master?

Here is my nidmap as fed from vxclustadm:

# vxclustadm nidmap

Name                             CVM Nid    CM Nid     State
vfscbe1-prod                     0          0          Joined: Slave
vfscbe2-prod                     1          1          Joined: Slave
vfscbe3-prod                     11         2          Out of Cluster
vfscbe4-prod                     2          3          Joined: Master
vfscbe5-prod                     3          4          Joined: Slave
sjmemfs01                        4          5          Joined: Slave
sjmemfs02                        6          6          Joined: Slave
sjmemfs03                        8          7          Joined: Slave
sjmemfs04                        7          8          Out of Cluster
sjmemfs05                        5          9          Joined: Slave
sjmemfs06                        10         10         Joined: Slave
sjmemfs07                        9          11         Joined: Slave
sjmemfs08                        12         12         Out of Cluster
sjmemfs09                        13         13         Out of Cluster

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Bill Pappas's picture

Is there a way to change the neighborID?  Does the neighborID represent who will the next CVM master?

# vxclustadm -v nodestate

state: cluster member

Can I change this?

Gaurav Sangamnerkar's picture

somehow I missed this post...

well there is no file where you can change this information......

Usually the next CVM master is decided with the CVM Node ID, currently in your scenario vfscbe4-prod is master server, if that fails, the next lower CVM Node ID should take over , so I would expect vfscbe1-prod since that has lowest CVM Node ID.

But trust me I have seen inconsistency in this behaviour, I have seen lower LLT node ID taking this behavior...  & for sure this is unconfigurable..


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