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CW Family Tagging vs. Individual Document Tagging

Created: 23 Apr 2013 • Updated: 04 Jun 2013 | 7 comments
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 Can a case be converted back to a family tagging environment if it was originally started with Predictive Coding turned on?

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When you create a tag set you define if the tag set to be item family based or to tag individual items

By default a tag is set to be applied on individual items

If you have a tag set that is set to be applied to individual items and has been applied to at least one or more items in your corpus then you cant change the tag set from individual items back to tag item family.

The only way to do this would be to create a new tag set with the individual items tick box unchecked,

filter by the items already tagged with the individual items

apply the new family tag

then untag the items with the individual items tag.

Using the filters to do this would make the switch fast would remove the need to review the items again as you are just switching one tag for another

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We have done the tag switch but the “tag and next” link takes us through the attachments that have already been reviewed and tagged with a parent tag.  In v7.0 or earlier using the “tag and next” icon took the reviewer to the next parent document.  Is it not possible to have the “tag and next” option take us to the next document family any longer?

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You are correct the option to do tag and next does take you to the attachment even though you are tagging the family.

Let me do some checking to see if there is a way to make it go to the next family instead of the attachment within the same family

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There is a way to bypass the attachments so when you tag a document family and click tag and next it will go to the next document family

In the Tagging panel open the options (gear icon at the top right) and choose "Skip Attachments and Embeddings"

Once this is done and you still want to do review on attachments you can use the Related Items panel to navigate through the attachments and then when you click next it will take you to the next family.

Hope this helps.

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Does this have to be done for every user or can we control this for the entire case?

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It needs to be done per user per case

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Is there anything further queries on this matter? If not can you please pick the one of the posts as a solution so the thread can be closed