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DA reports EV10SP2

Created: 14 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

Hi, I am testing EV10SP2 in the test environment, upgrading from EV10SP1.  During the Discover Accelerator upgrade you have to upgrade the report templates.  After entering the SQL Server Reporting address, user name and password and hit go, it sits on the page and doesn't do anything.  The only thing is the IE bar down the bottom of the page continually flashes as if it's updating.  It can stay like this for days.  I contacted Support and logged a case We did some testing, and they mentioned it may be a bug, as I can upload the reports manually.  They will test and come back to me.  I'm just wondering if anyone else hase seen this behaviour?  Most likely something in the test environment, but you never know.

Dtrace shows: "a potentially dangerous request.form vaulue was detected from the client..." and this repeats for ever.


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Could you provide the Dtrace Log ?

Hope on the reporting server you have the needful permissions assigned 


From admin guide ..

On the SQL reporting server, assign the following roles to the Vault Service


■ The System Administrator role on the SQL reporting server.

You can assign this role by using the browser-based Report Manager tool

that comes with SQL Server. First click Site Settings on the global toolbar

in Report Manager and then click Security. Then click New Role

Assignment and assign the System Administrator role to the Vault Service


■ The Content Manager role on the Home folder of the SQL reporting server.

To assign this role in Report Manager, click Security on the Properties

tab for the Home folder. Then click NewRole Assignment and assign the

Content Manager role to the Vault Service account.