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DA search discprencies

Created: 07 Jun 2012 • Updated: 08 Jun 2012 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


Running DA 9.0.2

Have a situation where DA is returning more results in a search done in May 2012 compared to a search done in Mar 2012.

The criteria of the search is identical and the date range is up to 2011 only.

I can't figure out why. The discprencies are in mailbox archives.

I've ruled out the simple stuff like failed items in an index. When I download the search details for the 2 searches, one mailbox archive has, for example, 10 hits in Mar and 12 hits in May.

Perhaps an email was not archived when the original search was done? Not sure how that could be given the date range is old (2011).

Perhaps the user imported some older email into their mailbox after the original Mar search? Possibly.

The big difference is that between Mar and May, we did an EV migration from 8.0.5 to 9.0.2. We have DA 9.0.2 already in Mar.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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TonySterling's picture

How big of a discrepency are you looking at?  The reasons you gave above are some common factors as to how that would have occurred.

You can run this query to get a count of number of items archive after March of this year for 2011.

Runs against the Vault Store database

select "Item Date" = left (convert (varchar, IDDATETIME,20),4),"COUNT" = count (*)
from saveset
where IdDateTime BETWEEN '2011-01-01' AND '2011-12-31'
AND archiveddate BETWEEN '2012-04-01' AND '2012-06-07'
group by left(convert (varchar, IDDATETIME,20),4)
order by "Archived Date" Desc

goatboy's picture

the discrepencies are minor, a few messages here and there, but enough for people to ask difficult questions around the validity of the data and trustworthiness of the system.

TonySterling's picture

The system is only good as the data in it.  When dealing with mailbox archives things like this can happen.

Do you journal archive?  Journaling takes things like this out of the equation.

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I've pretty much sorted out all the discrepencies, the majority were old items that were archived directly after the 8.0.5 to 9.0.2 upgrade, so there we likely bugfixes in the upgrade that resulted in previously unarchived items getting archived. Thanks for your help.

If anyone needs the SQL query to get archived date:

SELECT archiveddate
FROM saveset

You can get the Transaction ID from the Saveset ID in DA in the Review area, right click the email and click "Copy Item Details to Clipboard."