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Created: 26 May 2010 | 2 comments

We are using 2 SSIM servers and each of them has 2 TB DAS storage attached for EventsDB.
We have HP EVA NAS storage for all other stuff (except SSIM).
What is the procedure of switching our SSIMs (4.7) from DAS 2 NAS?
I'll appreciate any help.

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The "EVentsDB" is not a database but rather a flat file structure.

The procedure is very simple, SSIM 4.6/4.7 allow multiple archives.

1- Mount and configure the NAS using WEBUI.
2- Create a new archive rule to write the events where you are mounting the NAS (it is under /eventarchive)
3- Change the priority order of you Archive rules. (NAS first then DAS)

Once this is done and you are happy the event are written to NAS, you have 2 options, either move the data on the DAS to the NAS manually or leave it until it expires (if you are not keeping the data for a few years.)

Be careful in moving manually you event archive, permissions etc...

In General NAS is not the fastest depending of your EPS level, you might find a decrease in performances compared to writing to a iSCSI (or whatever the HP DAS is) local device. Also depending of your network setup, the bandwith of your archive appliance will be shared between receving event and sending them to NAS.

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thank you Laurent.
Now it is clear.
What for NAS speed, I am not worrying because it will connected via FC to mine 2 SSIM HP blade hosts and anyway EPS < 10k.
So, i think that throughput won't be a problem.