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Created: 26 Sep 2012 | 2 comments


Our institution would like to begin receiving scores electronically through TOEFL.  We currently have 4 perpetual licenses of PGP Desktop professional that we use daily.  TOEFL is asking for us to email our public key to them.  We have tried emailing the public key both through PGP and through our computer drive where it is saved.  TOEFL has responded each time saying that there is more than one key on the public key ring.  I am only able to see one key on my end.  How do I decipher which key to send to TOEFL?

Thank you.

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Alex_CST's picture

You shouldnt really need to send the key to them, thats what key servers are for, but if they really do want them, they are in .pkr format.  Look at the physical location of the file rather than inside PGP desktop, it will be called pubring.pkr, default location is my documents\PGP

There will be 2 of each, one is a backup, pubring-bak.pkr

DONT send them the secring.skr or secring-bak.skr

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Tom Mc's picture

The above mentioned pubring.pkr is your public keyring.  There should be no need for you to send your entire public keyring. 

In PGP Desktop, click on the PGP Keys module at the top of the left hand side. Scroll down if needed until you can see your key; right click on it and select Export.  Make sure you DO NOT make the selection to include your private key.  Send them the key you have just exported/saved to your disk.  If this does not help, please explain how you have been sending them your public key.

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