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Data catalog version?

Created: 05 Sep 2013 • Updated: 09 Sep 2013 | 2 comments
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Good evening everyone,

I have few questions here, please.

1. Do we have new Data catalog version at each time we download the monthly security updates r(eleased by Microsoft)? if this is not the case, then when we would have a new Data catalog version, and what time frame a Data catalog cover for security updates (e.g. from 8/1/2012 to 8/1/2013, etc.)?

2. If I have a newly-built windows server 2008 R2 standard, what security updates (considered standard security update baseline) and how far back should I have the security update applied (installed by Altiris PM) to it? and could you show how, please?

3. I have learned to create new organizational views, groups. Would you please show how to create custom security role and how to add permission to it? For example, If I create a manager organizational group under OS engineer view, and I like to create a custom security role called "auditor" and assign only view permission to "auditor".  I don't know how to create "auditor" and how to assign view permission to it. Please advise.

Thank you,


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Joshua Rasmussen's picture

Hello Charlie,

Regarding your questions; I have addressed them to their corresponding numbers below:

1. A new Catalog Data is provided each time there is a change to the Patch MetaData. This can happen as few as once a month, within 24 hours after the 2nd Tuesday, or as many as needed during the month. There is not a set amount of times that the Catalog Data is updated, for it is dynamic as changes are made by vendors, and as changes are needed to the Patch MetaData. This goal is detailed on KM: HOWTO9774.

2. As with any client; you want it to be completely, or as close to 100%, compliant as possible. This is achieved by reviewing the Compliance Reports for Patch Management. The configuration for Patch Management is not simple, and will need to be reviewed pertaining to the environment to be Patched. You will want to review the Configuration Guide on KM: HOWTO56242, and you will also want to read the users guides provided on the Knowledge Management Site.

3. Security permissions, and view scoping are a tedious process. These configurations are considered 'Customizations' and are not supported by the Technical Support Teams. This process is currently under heavy review by Developers for ITMS 7.5.

However, I have isolated a solid process example for configuring permissions / scoping in the attached document. You may review this and work through it at your own discretion, for it involves customizing roles (removing inheritance), and you will definately want to test this before implementing it into a Production Environment.

You may contact Tech Support regarding questions 1 & 2 if there are any remaining questions or concerns.

Additionally, you could contact Tech Support regarding question 3, but you will most likely be met with the policy of unable to assist with this request due to customization of the product. Your best bet will be to post here if you have further questions or concerns regarding permissions / scoping.

PM 7.1 SP1, SP2 & MP1 - Process to Separate Views for 831.28 KB
Charlie D Tran's picture

Hi Joshua,

Thanks so much for your time.

I'll follow through all these. They are great answer ever for me to start up the work. I really appreciate that.

Thanks again very much, Joshua