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Data collection and Evaluation for non domain Computers using CCS version 11

Created: 26 Jun 2012 | 9 comments
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I have setup CCS11 on a windows domain, basically there is no problem during data collection and evaluation on all hosts joined on Window AD.

But the problem is on host that is not join on AD domain ( some windows machines and linux ).

Please advice how to configure on CCS version 11.

Thank you

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Are you using agent or agentless? Any error or screenshot?


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I am using agentless. Yes I got error message regarding the credentials only for the hosts that configured as workgroup. There is no credential error for the host that already joined Active Directory, I can collect/evaluate that hosts. I already put the correct credential for those workgroup hosts.

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do you have a manager setup for the windows workgroup the other windows machines are in ? Are there any firewalls blocking the Unix sites?

For Unix are you agent or agentless?

I tend to test unix connectivity from the application server with putty to make sure I can connect to the device

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I installed CCSv11 as all in one Server so the CCS manager is only on that server. The CCSv11 is joined into Windows AD. Then I create platform credentials and add asset to this credentials. I can collect /evaluate all hosts on assets as long as the hosts listed in the AD domain, but not for host in workgroup domain. Do I need to install other manager to handle all hosts in workgroup domain?

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Hi, have you specify the credential for this workgorup server? How you specify your credentials?

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Yes I have specify the credential using workgroup name\username for example mshome\administrator.

When I did data collection , I got the message "  no CCS Manager in Data Collector role available to route some assets. ( see the attachment ).

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Now I got the message during data collection " Error occured during data collection for asset: Authentication failed for 'user mshome\administrator' because logon failure: unknown username or bad password"

On CCS Planning and Deployment Guide page 101:

For data collection from Windows platform, if the CCS Manager and the target
computers are located in different workgroups, the CCS Manager must be
configured to use pass-through authentication to collect asset data from the target computers.

Anyone can help us what does it mean? How to configure CCS Manager to use pass-through authentication?

Thank you....

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Try to enter the credential as "machinename\username" instead of "workgroup\username"

Not sure if that will work or not, but I have never authenticated to a Windows machine using workgroup credentials. This will make it a little more difficult as you will have to specify a credential for every machine, but I think it is worth a try.

I have only been working with CCS for about two months, and trial and error has been my friend.

Hope that helps.

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Jack is correct - you cannot do workgroup\username in ccs v11 yet. I've submitted a feature request for this, as we could do it with v10.5.1 RMS.

You also need the QF to allow for non-trusted domain machine scanning:

CCS_ v11.0_SCU_10101_2914227_QF

Right now, your user account can be any local admin, however I've found the "Volumes" datasource won't workunless you use machine\administrator... can't be any other account. I've submitted this as a bug, and I'm not sure how many data sources are affected.