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Data Loss Prevention

Created: 11 Apr 2011 • Updated: 14 Apr 2011 | 5 comments
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I wanted to know some inforation about Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

I just installed tiral version of "Symantec PReotection Suit Enterprise". Is it include DLP?

What the DLP exactly do? We want to restrcit our users to upload the company files into their webmail accoutns or some site.

Thanks for any help.


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That would make DLP an exact fit for you.

What DLP does is monitor and control who uses your data and ensurres that confidential data doesn't leave their computers or the corporate network.

It protects data in 3 places:
Data in motion - this monitors data flowing throughout the actual network and blocks confidential data from leaving the corporate network at the Internet edge. It can allow this data to go to trusted partners, but block it from going to a public forum. It can also control what can be sent through the corporate mail server based on the sender, the recepient, attachments, etc.

Data at rest - this monitors and protects data on your SAN/NAS. It makes sure that data that's confidential is stored in proper places and has proper encryption and protection. It can also assign owners and controls to individual files and folders.

Endpoint - this monitors all types of data on users' computers. It ensures that users can't copy confidential information onto CDs or flash drives, post information to webpages (http and https) and monitor all other flows of data going out of the PC.

That's just a brief overview, I hope it helps!

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Thanks for your replies.

Acctually I installed trial version of "Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition / Symantec Endpoint Protection 11". The only module that I found is "Application and device control policy". do you know if DLP is included in trail version or not? If it is not, how do I demonstrate DLP?


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Yeah, SEP11 only has application and device control ascpect of DLP but not all the features I outlined above. The requirements are so broad that Symantec has a whole other product dedicated to Data Loss Prevention.

If you follow the link Pete posted you'll see. Symantec DLP is currently at version 11 and you'll find that it has a lot of advanced features.


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As for demonstrating DLP, I'm not aware of any demo SLP software that Symantec has released to the public. If you want to see a demonstration you can contact your local Symantec Reseller by going here;c...

I'm sure you can also find demonstration videos around the web on the Symantec website here:

Maybe you can even find some on Youtube. Hope this helps smiley


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