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Data on RDX is not being overwritten

Created: 12 Jul 2013 | 5 comments

I have been on the phone with Symantec engineers for days and no one seems to be willing to provide a solution for the issue. I read an article on the forum that there is a hotfix that will solve my issue but Symantec for some reason will not give it to me. They continue to offer solutions that are uslesss. I know the fix exist, why can't they release it to me?! I also saw in the article that people with the same problem had to request the hotfix 5(!) times before they actually got it. This is unacceptible customer service. The engineer that was assigned to this case (Pramod) is aware of what I asked from the beginning, but instead he asked me to create a registry key and a new media set, neither one of those steps corrected the issue. What do I need to do and who do I need to contact in Symantec to finally get what I need so my customer can have a back up?!

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What version of backup exec are you running Svetlanad? Unfortunately orphaned hotfixes can only be given out by advanced level team members after the criteria for the fix has been met. This will often include following traditional troubleshooting methodology despite the request for the hotfixes imlementation. We can attempt to troubleshoot here but if the hotfix is what your looking to get ahold of i would suggest having your case escalated through the proper channels to do so. 

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I believe I need the hotfix that is being referenced by "tech 192382". How  do you suggest I esclate the case? Just by calling techsupport and asking for escalation? Thank you.

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Continue to commuinicate with Pramod, you are welcome to express your wanting escalation but he will have to exhaust his T/S efforts he should then be able to escalate the case on your behalf. The testing that he MUST do prior to escalation will verify and validate for the Advanced level technician whether or not the Orphan is applicable in your situation. Please bear with us and be patient with the assigned engineer as these processes are put in place so that hotfixes and edits arent rushed into place causing more grief than resolution. 

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Please be aware that the public fix for this is in SP2 (however there is a very small change in the RDX handling between the orignal beta of SP2 and the planned final public release of SP2)