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Database Backup and Disk Usage

Created: 08 Jan 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 1 comment
    We are preparing to do the MR1 update and ran into a pretty serious bug.  We talked with support and opened ticket 311804266.  The issue is that when you run the Database Backup/Restore utility it consumes an equal amount of diskspace on the C: drive as it does for the creation of the backup file.  Our installation has the OS on the C:\ drive, and SEP installed to the E:\ Drive.  C: drive only has about 4 Gig free space.  The inetpub\content folder often fills this up and puts a severe squeeze on our server.  While the backup was running we noticed that disk space rapidly ran down to 0.  The backup errored out when space ran out and we started trying to find this lost space.   The backup file itself was created in E: where the application was installed to.  We cleaned some things up and tried again using filemon to figure out where things were being written to.  What we found was that in C:\Documents and Settings\mpadmin\Local Settings\Temp\3  tons of .tmp files were being created.   After our cleanup and second database backup we are now left with over 5 gigs of these things.   Additionally these files were not cleaned up after the successful 2nd backup.  I hope this is of some help to yall.

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A couple of quick questions!
Are you using the embedded database or SQL?  Also you state that the inetpub/content folder often fills up and puts a squeeze on the server. Is that it is filling up the E: drive or C: drive.  If SEP is installed to E: the inetpub/content should be on E:.