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Database Recovery Models

Created: 06 Jul 2012 • Updated: 01 Aug 2012 | 2 comments
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For the EV SQL databases, should they be in Simple or Full recovery mode for best performance? Thanks

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Performance wise setting to simple is the best way to go as it takes load off of IO and CPU (and dependi on the storage network as well)

However depending on how you do backups of the vault stores, you cannot do point in time restores and replays of the transaction logs with Simple logging

If you do multiple snapshots per day for your vault store partition backups then i'd recommend keepin it to full

If you do like differential/incremental on weeknights and fulls on the weekend then I'd recommend simple

AndrewB's picture

To add to what JW said, recovery model has to do with how the log is reused and how you restore the database in case of a failure. If you need to be able to restore to point-of-failure, then you need full recovery model and log backups. If it's acceptable to lose everything back to the last full backup, simple recovery is sufficient. But even in simple recovery mode, SQL writes to the transaction log so I doubt that you would notice a difference in performance with EV.

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