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Database Schema for Mobile Security

Created: 19 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
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Does anyone have the DB Schema for the current Mobile Security. I am looking at reports to be generated for Compliant devices basis below.

1. Device ID

2. Last Definition Updated

3. Last Scan time

4. Threats(if any)

Currently the default reports provide only non-compliant devices.

Help on getting the above report is much appreciated.



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I installed a fresh SMP then installed the Mobile Security.

These are the tables that have been added for mobile to the Symantec_CMDB

Evt_Mobile_File_Access_Log TABLE NULL
Evt_Symantec_Mobile_Event_Log TABLE NULL
Evt_Symantec_Mobile_Security_Policy_Deployment_Log TABLE NULL
Inv_Mobile_Security_Policy_State TABLE NULL
Inv_Mobile_Security_Product_Info TABLE NULL
Inv_Mobile_Security_Product_License_Status TABLE NULL
Inv_Mobile_User_Information TABLE NULL
Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Common TABLE NULL
Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Common_Android TABLE NULL
Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Common_Device_Info TABLE NULL
Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_Android_Cmds_Sent TABLE NULL
Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_Android_Device TABLE NULL
Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_App_Threats TABLE NULL
Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_Blocked_Websites TABLE NULL
Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_Device_Status TABLE NULL
Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_Gateway TABLE NULL
InvHist_Mobile_Security_Product_Info TABLE NULL
InvHist_Mobile_User_Information TABLE NULL
RM_ResourceMobile TABLE NULL
SymantecMobileSecurity_EnrollAttempts TABLE NULL
SymantecMobileSecurity_PolicyData TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Mobile_Security_Policy_State TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Mobile_Security_Product_Info TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Mobile_Security_Product_License_Status TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Mobile_User_Information TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Common TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Common_Android TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Common_Device_Info TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_Android_Cmds_Sent TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_Android_Device TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_App_Threats TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_Blocked_Websites TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_Device_Status TABLE NULL
xdls_Inv_Symantec_Mobile_Security_Gateway TABLE NULL
vMobileSecurityGatewayValidTargets VIEW NULL
vRM_Mobile_ExactType VIEW NULL
vRM_Mobile_Hierarchy VIEW NULL
vRM_Mobile_Item VIEW NULL
vRM_Mobile_Item_ExactType VIEW NULL
vRM_Mobile_Item_Hierarchy VIEW NULL
vRM_Mobile_Item_Partitioned VIEW NULL
vRM_Mobile_Partitioned VIEW NULL
vRMNonLocalized_Mobile VIEW NULL

I'm working on seeing how the report you want might be created.

If you have already finished it, please update your post with details.


Russ Scovel
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Altiris SOS – Endpoint Management and Mobility
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