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Daylight saving times reset incremental backup after clock changed to sync with Microsoft Time Servers

Created: 29 Mar 2013 | 9 comments


this is happing to me twice a year and i musy solve it.

We are working with BE 2010 R3 SP2 on Win Server 2008 R2 SP1. we back up  the local machine only.

Our workflow is based on a one time full backup, and a daily incremantel backup. we are using the ADBO in order to have the True Image Restore option (we are backing up to LTO tape)

we use a policy that have one time Full backup (reset Archive Bit) and a daily incremantel backup (reset Archive bit)

In both backups in the policy we are checking "Collect additinal information for True Image Restore".

Twice a year, after the Daylight saving time is chnaging on Windows, and the time on the machine is changing to be synced with Microsot Time Servers, the daily incremantal start backing ip ALL the data all over again has it thinks that something has chnagein the files.

The archive bit has not been chnaged on the data, it is reseted on all the files - but from some reason, maybe because True Image Restore option use a more complex method before strating the backup, ALL the data is being backup again.

1. as for now, i got a 20TB folder that is already benn backed up, but BE wants to back it up again, i can't exlude the folder in the selection list as more files should get into that folder in the future, how can i force BE NOT to backup the files that are already been backed up? the Archive bit is alreaty reseted and its still wants to backup the same data again.

2. how can i preven it in the future when the clock will be chnaging again?



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Any other workaround on solving this while continue using BE 2010?

We have downgarded from BE 2012 back to BE 2010 R3 in order to have True Image Restore works ok, as in BE 2012 we were having alot of errors during restores. (when using TIR without Syntetic Backup)

I have conatcted Symantec support and they suggested to downgarde to BE 2010... 

Upgarding to BE 2012 now is not an option,  any other possible workaround for this?

I was thinking of that scenario:

edit the policy, puting the Incremantal backup on hold, and add another incremantal backup job in the policy, but without using the "Collect additinal informatiom"

That way, when that job will run, it will only look at the archive bit, and will not use the TIR, and therefore the old data will noy be backed up again.

The down side will be be that from that moment that backup will not have the TRI restore anymore .

Will it work? dos it make any sense?

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No.  Not that I know of.

For your TIR problem, you should log a case with Symantec to discuss your problem.

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For future DST chnages, if i will disable the sync of the machine to Micorsoft Time servers, and i will manually chnage the time on the server to fit the new DST, will it effect the backup the same as the Micorost DST chnage? or will it be a workaround?

Because i have no problem to manually change it twice a year if it will solve that issue. 



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For DST issues that cause missed jobs - then it makes nodifference if you manually change the time for DST or let it happen automatically it will stil result in a msised job. The reason for the jobs going missed is a mismatch between the availability window in the selection list and teh job start time - one of these setting does honour the DST change the 9other one does not properlty handle it (defect) which causes the problem.

Your TIR issue is however not one that I am aware as having been investigated by Symantec as such it is difficult to confirm if this TIR issue was caused by a missed job (and therefore is a symptom of the known issue and fixed in 2012) or whether it is something that needs further investigation.

Do you happen to know if you did see a missed job before you had the TIR issue?

dori_bashan's picture

My TIR issue is not caused by a missed job,

I dont have a missed job after DST, it just that BE start backing up everthing again.

Do you think that chnaging the clock manuualy will solve it?

Colin Weaver's picture

As you appear to have a new unidentified issue that has never been reported by anyone else, at this current time we cannot confirm whether it was caused by auto DST, would be fixed by manual time changes or is in fact caused by something else entirely. If you want us to formally look into this issue then please log a full support case.