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DB offline backup is running slowly whn compare to Online backup

Created: 22 Jul 2013 • Updated: 30 Jul 2013 | 8 comments
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Hi Experts,

I appreciate ur help/inputs on the below issue.

In our env we have one Oracle DB backup.

Daily we will take full backup -Online-which it will complete in 5 to 6 hours.

and we have scheduled a offline backup to it.

It is taking much time whn compare to online backup and it is completing in 13 to 14 hrs.

How to fix this

Master server:AIX 7.1

Client:win:6.5.4(we ll upgrade to 7)


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Online DB backup that you are referring is NBU RMAN backups? and how is the ofline DB backup is being configured in NBU master?

Best Regards,


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Both online and offline backups will call off the scripts  whn evr schedule strats.

We have provided the scrit path in the backup selection.

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how many streams that are triggering the Online backup?

and what about the offline backups streams ?

what is the difference in Online and offilne backup in netbackups

1) same storage unit and media server?

2) same load on the media severs.. ( number of jobs, CPU utilization etc)

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Whn verified offline backup completion time is varying time to time.

Date Time   GB Appx
07/20/13 13:23 Hrs 488
07/13/13 16:24 Hrs 490
07/06/13 08:15 Hrs 490
06/01/13 06:21 Hrs 480
06/08/13 08:49 Hrs 450
06/15/13 08:01 Hrs 480

Pls lemme know what to chk and how to fix this

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hi SriVani,

first i would prefer to check the configuration difference between the online and offline in netbackup point of View.

like :- storage units, Media servers, number of streams, load on the media server.

1) how many jobs are triggering for Online backup and offline backup?

2) are they going to same media server and storage unit?

3) how may other jobs are running on the media server when running the online jobs,and when running the offline jobs?

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Pls find my ans below

1)Online triggering 3 child jobs where as offline triggering 5 jobs

2)Same Media server and same STU

3)Offline Backup is running on Weekend ..all other full backups also scheduled on Weekend.and dedicared drive is assigned to this backup.

Now our biggest concern here per customer this offline backup shd be complted in 7 to 8 hrs.

It is a critical sys needs to come online ASAP.

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Offline Backup is running on Weekend ..all other full backups also scheduled on Weekend..

may be above statement would expline something..

i would test.. 1) trun off all other backups while running weekend offline backups and start the other full backups manually  once the Offline backup is done and see how it goes.


2) try to run offline backup other time (may be deficult to get down time from DB)