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DCinterface configuration

Created: 14 Feb 2010

Couple questions...
1. Documentation states that the DCinterface does NOT support global catalogs... pg 107 of the implementation guide... Is this correct. We have several sites with one domain controller in the site designated as a global catalog. Am I to understand that DCinterface will not work in these sites

2. I do not see any reference to the keyword 'ignore' for the dcinterface.txt config file. what is the format of this... one line for each ignored account? include the doman name?


ignore user1
ignore user2


ignore domain/user1
ignore domain/user2

Also... are wildcards supported..ex.

ignore test_*
ignore dev_*

3. I just got blasted with emails from the applicance indicating the following....

ALERT: The DCInterface Client running on SERVERNAME is not contacting the Web Gateway on its regularly scheduled interval.

Please check the status of the DCInterface Client by referring to the errorlog located in its installation directory.

I got this from every domain controller (about 50)... so obviously the appliance know who is communicating with it... is there any report available to show the status of the dcinterface clients, as well as who the clients are configured to ignore.

4. Is there anyway to produce a repot of unique identified user logins.


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