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DC`s to deduplication store

Created: 06 Apr 2013 • Updated: 08 Apr 2013


I`ve got a problem with backups four Domain Controllers on Windows Server 2003 SP2 after migration from BE 12.5 to 2102.

I`ve got Agent for Aplications and Data Bases and Deduplication. I create a job for all DC`s with GRT and all the time I`ve got an error message during verify backups: Backup V-79-57344-65072 - An error occurred while connecting to the Backup Exec Remote Agent on the Backup Exec server. Ensure that the job options are correct, and then submit the job again. The backup set was not created.

Strage is becase after change destination to tape, backup to tape  works fine. So I uncheck GRT on Active Directory tab and after that backups are ok. It`s a normal behavior in new version BE 2012 ? I can`t backups my DC`s with GRT to deduplication disk storage ? Thanks in advance.


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