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Created: 08 Dec 2010 • Updated: 08 Dec 2010 | 9 comments


I saw this software called De-cleaner at this website , which says that this software is powered by Norton Symantec.

Can any member of Symantec respond me if this software is really true associated in anyway to Symantec or not.

I'm sorry if this is the wrong section, wasn't sure where to post this kind of question.

Thanks in advance.

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I have never seen this before. I am a little suspicious, it is not a Symantec product.  I would contact the company, and ask what "Powered by Symantec" means.

Please keep me updated on what you discover.



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Update -

I found a US company that sells a product "Powered by Symantec Scan Engine"

So it is possible that De-Cleaner is using the Symantec Scan Engine. Here is a link to the Scan Engine Information.

Article on SSE -

FYI, Norton Safe Web shows as a safe site.

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I decided to came directly here and ask about this software, because I thought this was the best place to do it, in the case they are not really associated with Symantec I don't think they would tell me the truth.

This is the answer I got today when I email them:

" Dear Mr. xxx,

the software, the DE-Cleaner powered by Symantec is developed by Symantec.
This software was exclusively made by Symantec for us.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Peter Schmitz
Anti-Botnet-Beratungszentrum  "

Well I can assume this software was made directly by Symantec, as I understand.
Thanks Thomas for you respond.
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I am looking to get confirmation from the Product Manager that this is a legitimate customer of our Scan engine. I will update here when I have more information.


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Unfortunately , I am not able to verify that Botfrei is a legitimate user or our scan engine.


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So if Botfrei isn't associated in anyway to Symantec, they are liars, and the software they have could be a malicious software.

Thanks for your accurate answer.

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That is not what I stated, I just have no way of confirming that they are a Symantec customer, as I am not getting a reply from the product manager.

Like I stated before, Nortons Safe Web reports the site as safe.

Happy holidays,


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With the help of the DE-Cleaner can be different from the PC-Schadpro Clean programs. With the free software, security risks are detected on the computer and removed. DE-Cleaner detects and removes malicious programs. This tool is a security program of the anti-botnet counseling center and a product of Symantec Corporation. To run the DE-Cleaner, one needs an active Internet connection. I will update here when I have more information.

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Think I will take a look at Decleaner