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Decomission specific drives in an advanceddisk pool

Created: 17 Jul 2013


Running Netbackup on a Windows 2008R2. (1 Master + 3 Media servers)

I have an advanceddisk pool called "diskpool A" that contains 4 windows volumes on a media server. daily backups go this diskpool for disk staging before they are duplicated to tape. I need to decomission 3 of the four volumes and create one big volume instead and add the new one to the disk pool (the 3 volumes are MBR formatted, I need to replace them with 1 GPT formatted volume).

I know the process of adding a volume to a diskpool (new diskpool, down diskpool and merge...etc). However, the three existing volumes are staging disks and have images on them that expire in 10 days. I need to be able to make sure no further backups will go to the 3 volumes (but stll go to the fourth volume) and have them there for the next 10 days before they expire just to be able to restore from the images on them.

Any advice?

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