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Decommissioning an existing NetBackup environment

Created: 12 Feb 2013 • Updated: 12 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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Greetings fine NetBackup folks!

I’m a NetBackup “n00b” so first, thank you all in advance for being patient with me =]  

Our Backup Admin no longer works with us and I’ve inherited the Backup process and had a quick pass down of information before he left.  I'm hoping the Symantec/NetBackup Community can help me with this question.  Here’s the scenario:

In our remote sites, we have NetBackup configured on VMWare Servers

-          Windows Server 2008 R2

-          1 Master Server, 1 Media Server 

We’re using what I think is referred to as an “MSDP” (Media Server Deduplication Pool).  We’ve recently deployed a NetBackup 5220 Appliance configured as the Master/Media server at one of our remote sites and would like to decommission their existing, VMWare NetBackup environment.  One of the pass down that the previous Backup Administrator mentioned was that there’s a process to decommission a media server and not to just simply turn it off.  I’ve read the ‘Decommissioning a media server’ Guide and it looks like it is referenced and geared towards Media Servers that uses Tape as the Storage Unit.

I’ve pointed all Backups to the new 5220 Appliance and made all the Clients pointing to the Appliance as their new Master Server.  Since we now have an NBU Appliance configured for Backups at this site and that the existing Backup environment doesn’t use Tape as storage, can we simply just power off these VMs after the Backup Images have expired? 

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Welcome to Netbackup World.

just wnat to make sure, are you saying that after deploying then Netbackup 5220 Appliance, you are not at all using the existing Master/media server. and also you have migraged all clients to newsetup.

if you are not using your master server also(compleate Master domain) you just simply trun off your servers once they are expired with backup images.

if you just want to decomm the Media server and want to use the Master server, yes, there is a process to remove the media server from existing Master server configurations.

you can go ahead and use the below weblink to do that

hope it helps.

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Thank you!

Yes, the NetBackup 5220 Appliance will be the new Domain, Backup Environment for this site and we will no longer be using the existing, older (VMWare, Server 2008 R2) MSDP Domain.