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Decryption issue

Created: 11 Jul 2011 | 1 comment

Just installed PGP 10.2 on Windows XP using Outlook 2003. In the older version of PGP, the decrypted message would show up in the preview window. Currently, if the message previews at all, it previews encrypted. If it doesn't preview, it tells you to open the message, which still displays encrypted. I can click on the PGP icon in the systray and have it decrypt and verify the window, then paste that information into a text file and it comes through fine, with all the formatting, etc. But it's very cumbersome and takes a lot more time than having the message simply decrypt in the preview window.

Any suggestions?

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This Knowledge Base Article may help.

Are you using the PGP emal proxy?  Did your prior version have the email proxy use, or was it an older version with a plug-in instead?

You might have some other email proxy in use, such as for spam avoidance or AV purposes.

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