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Dedup backup job and unused appendable media

Created: 12 Sep 2012 • Updated: 12 Sep 2012 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


since some weeks i implemented a new backup job which save a SQL DB transaction log every 60 mins to a dedup folder.

It works right except for the media usage, it creates a new 50Gb media for every occurrance, using only 50-100Mb of it.

These media have a retention time of 24hrs and appendable time set as "infinite allow" so i was expecting that the job will use entire media capacity before create a new one.

Googling this issue i found some tips about WORM parameter but:

- inside job template properties this setting is blank ("Use write once, read many media" under "Device and media" section)

- inside single media properties is enabled ("WORM: yes" in General section)

So, i never activated it and i don't know why job works in this way but this behavior is wasting a lot of space of DD folder than i need to solve it..

Anyone else has got this issue?

any suggest will be appreciated, thanks


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By design, dedupe media cannot be appended...they can be just overwritten...check the properties of the dedupe storage...there is a setting specifiying data stream size or something (and I guess, this is set as 50 GB )..

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Hi VJ,

I've checked data stream size under dedupe props and it's set to 64Kb.

I didn't found where is specified 50Gb capacity for new DD media..

However now i'm performing a test redirecting those job to a normal B2D folder, same rules as previous job template but media size limited to 4Gb..

i keep you up to date, thanks

Simone Zanotti
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After redirection to a B2DFolder disk space usage is more rational, now this job allocates only the space that it actually needs

Simone Zanotti