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Dedupe to Dedupe to Tape

Created: 28 Feb 2012 | 8 comments


Running Backup Exec 2010 R3 using deduplication option.

We have a CASO Media server in Building A and Media Server in Building B.

Tape Library is in Building A connected to CASO Media Server.

Majority of jobs run on Building B Media server and then get duplicated to Building A automatically after job has finished.

Two jobs run on Building A Media server and duplicate back to Building B as well.

Current Backup regime is Full Backups of SQL, Exchange, DFS and Windows Servers on the weekends and then Diffs during the week.

Tape pickups are on Friday.

How do I duplicate Building A(which includes Building B's backups as its already been duplicated) on to Tape?

When I go to "New job to duplicate backup sets" i cant duplicate to Tape after the job has finished because its already been used for the Building A <-> Building B duplicate jobs.

Duplicating existing backup sets seems like a very manual way to do it as i need to find and tick Media to put to tape then set the destination to the Tape drive for every piece of media :(

Any ideas how this can be easily done?

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Hi Loris,

You could back up the dedupe store that has already been duplicated, but bear in mind it will rehydrate the data to the original size. This is a simple backup job.

If you were running an extended SAN between the 2 buildings with a shared library it would have been a lot easier as you'd simply create another duplicate job to push the data to tape.

BE 2012 has the D2D2T function built into it already, so it might be worth your while getting hold of the Gold release and playing around with it a is significantly different to R3 and any other version!


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Hi Craig,

So your saying create a new job and in the selection window i simply navigate to E Drive on the local CASO server. I then select the raw dedupe folder and set the destination to tape and this will automatically rehydrate to tape? Or is there more to it?

I didnt think grabbing the dedupe folder in such a way would rehydrate it to tape.. i thought it would just place it on tape how it sees it on disk. Please confirm if this is correct.


CraigV's picture's in the documentation that if you have to back up the dedupe folder, it will rehydrate the data as it needs to reconstruct it.

I've also included 2 links that I suggest you check out as they will be very helpful to you...

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Backing up the dedupe store doesn't rehydrate.

Duplicating from dedupe store to tape DOES rehydrate the data; same as verify and restore.



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Thanks Randey...there has been a lot of mentions that backing up the dedupe store rehydrates the data since deduplication became part of BE! Seems like they were all wrong.

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You need to implement an internal private cloud so need a CASO setup.

Document on private cloud here

As you are doing a site to site internal version, wherever the above document refers to the VPN link, assume it means your WAN link between buildings

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I have a CASO Media Server setup.. ive skimmed through that document but i still do not understand how to get the deduped data on the CASO to rehydrate to tape.. please help