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DeDupe DirectAcces and the Agent for VMWare

Created: 18 Mar 2010 • Updated: 19 Sep 2010 | 1 comment

DirectAccess is working if I select the server inside of the Active Directory Domains tree section. But as I have the Agent for VMWare installed, I prefer to backup the entire vm with GRT options enabled, to make filelevel restores. But running jobs this way, DirectAccess is not working. I always get the following error:"Direct Access is enabled for this job, but it could not be used". Is this by design?

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Colin Weaver's picture

Well the ESX host itself won't have a remote agent because the vStorage API is linked to directly from the media server so I would not expect Direct Access to work as Direct Accss is a function of the remote agent directly passing to the DeDup storage instead of via the processes on the media server - which might explain things.

It is possible that the remote agent process actually on the media server would take over the DeDup control and therefore would need to be configured for Direct Access - however even if this work all it would do would be get rid of the warning message but give you no other gain  as the vStorage API is still called from the media server so information would still not be direct from the ESX host to the DeDup storage.

As such I would say it is likely to be by design :)

Note you can see that error on a Windows system if you have not restarted the services after enabling direct access on the remote agent - but you have already confirmed that using RAWS inside of your VM does allow Direct access so you must have done this.