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Deduplication and replicating the data to a second media server

Created: 02 Jul 2013 | 2 comments

hi there,

I am new to the deduplication and CASO options.  The goal of this setup is to backup the servers at the main office on 1 media server, deduplicating the backup data.  Then the deduplicated backup data will replicate to a second media server sitting at a remote office.

This is what I have setup so far:

- 1 media server at the main office, setup as the CASO server with backup jobs going to an iSCSI volume setup as the deduplication storage folder

- a second media server at the branch office, setup as the managed media server with no backup jobs setup, connected to a different iSCSI volume setup as the deduplication storage folder

My questions are:

- how do I replicate the deduplication storage??

- Are the catalogs already being replicated, but the data files aren't?


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Hi these links are helpful on setting up Deduplication with CASO

and some good tips for Optimized Deduplication With Replication

I redid the link to a video that explains this process better.

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The 2 documents you posted is the same one by the way.

Umm so I have the reverse setup?

I want the backup to happen at the main office, not at the branch office.  This document is saying that the backup jobs should happen at the managed media server, which is at the branch office.  And the catalog files goes in reverse from managed media server to the CASO server?