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Deduplication applicance and Backup exec requirements

Created: 01 Apr 2014 | 6 comments

I have a Dell DR4100 appliance, I read that backup exec 2012 has 3 modes for deduplication 

* Client side 
* Server side 
* 3rd part Deduplication Backup 

I installed a virtual test server, (2 gb Ram, 4 cores processor, 50GB disk) 

my question is the following: 

To perform a backup deduplication appliance on, it is necessary that the BE 2012 server meets the minimum requirements recommended (8GB ram, 4 cores processor, etc..) Or this is only necessary for the deduplicaion on the same server backup? 

To add more information I want to say that I have done some tests on the backup appliance I have two containers, one is CIFS and other OST. 

Backup OST All end with problems, but on the CIFS end smoothly with the exception of the limitations on the CIFS file system. 

The error on the container OST backup are varied, but the most common is the engine server job failed.

Operating Systems:

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In order to use the dedup appliance properly, you need to install the OST plugin on the media server or the remote server if you are using server-side or client-side dedup respectively.

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the OST plugin is installed from the beginning. I'm using the MSI that is downloaded from the web management. As additional information, I mean that I'm using a trial version of Backup Exec 2012. I can use deduplication under this environment.

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Using a virtualized media server to access real devices is not supported

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ok, I understand, your answer has been very helpful, thanks.

But out of all doubt, you could answer the initial question.

I can perform deduplication on appliace without the recommended requirements or these requirements are for deduplication on the media server?

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Recommended requirements are just that...they're a guideline to help you scope and configure your media server with the "horse power" required to run the application properly with adequate performance.

You could look at putting in a smaller server, but with the cost of server components now, putting in the required RAM and CPU (and exceeding them if you can) is worth it.

If you can go with the recommendations, do so. Just don't run your production media server as a VM as mentioned by pkh. A test server is fine.


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I have not seen any document which lays out the requirements when you are using a dedup appliance. Theoretically, it would be less than using a dedup folder, but do you want to cut it so fine?  Dedup is a resource intensive operation so the more resources the media server has, the better.