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Created: 21 Sep 2012 | 2 comments

I have had some issues with SLP's that replicate images from one MSDP to another MSDP. After speaking with a Symantec engineer he suggested a few things that would help me as well as what he thought might be the solution to the issue. One of the performance tuning changes he had me make was changing the MIN_GB_SIZE_PER_DUPLICATION_JOB on the MS to 50. He stated that this would consolidate the duplications and ultimately make NBU run better. However since implenenting the change I have not seen any(failed or successful) duplications from MSDP to MSDP. My question is does this Min size relect deduplicated figures or data protected? I have read over the 7.1 Using SLP's and AIR best practices guide and could not find anything about this.

TLDR: Does MIN_GB_SIZE_PER_DUPLICATION_JOB reflect DeDup'ed numbers or not?

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You did not mention what type of issue you're having with the replication between MSDP, but from more details you put it, it looks like a performance issue.

Personally I do not think this changing this parameter would directly affect the performance.

It is basically for image batching purpose, to determine the minimum size for a batch to start SLP duplication. The higher this value, the less duplication job you would have - in a way it is good for resource allocation which you won't have too many jobs compete for resources. 

There is also no "recommend" value, that means you would need to adjust and monitor to get the best value for your environment.

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I am under the impression(partially because I was told by one of Symantecs Engineers, partially because what he said makes a good bit of sense) that changing this number does directly affect performance. Seeing as how a duplication requires both a read and a write from NBU it is verry resource intensive. Reducing the number of them that kick off would make a great improvement to NBU performance.

However that was not the real aim or my post. I was wondering more whether I would have to get to 7Gb of data after DeDupe was done or before.


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