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deduplication to media server on VM

Created: 13 Mar 2013 • Updated: 14 Mar 2013 | 7 comments
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Warm greetings all. There is a main office and 4 branches , the goal is to backup brach VM on exsi to main office.

1)is it possible to dedup data not having media server in every brach or mb possible to deploy media server on VM in every branch and backup data to local storages?

2)can it dedup data if media server will be only in main office and backup data to local storages?

3) Is it possible to dedup backup some remote ESXi hosts in branches to storage in main office?

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1) yes, but it is not recomended that you use a VM for a media server, especially with dedup.  This is because dedup is very resource intensive.

2) Yes, but the data will flow from the branch to the main office and then back again to the local storage.

3) Yes, but make sure that your WAN link is fast enough to handle the traffic.

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Its planned to backup data to NAS storage which r located in main office as i understand, deduplication folder cannot be created on NAS, only FB and ISCSI if im not mistaken. Is any way to backup data to main office from the branches?

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The dedup folder must be created on a disk which is directly attached to the media server.  To backup your branches, make sure that the bandwidth of your WAN link can handle the traffic.

The recommended way to backup a remote location to the main location is to install media servers with dedup option on both ends.  Backup the remote location to the dedup folder at the remote location and then use optimised duplication to duplicate the backup to the main office.  This way only the changed data blocks are sent over the WAN link thus minimising the bandwidth requirement.  For this arrangement, you would also need CASO.

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Thx for deployed answer,one more question tell me pls the purpose of the CASO in my situation.

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You need CASO to share the dedup folders between media servers.

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CASO is the link between it will manage, assign, report on and control what your media servers do, where backups are created and how they run etc.

Read below:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thanks to all, ur posts very helpfull to me .