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DeepFreeze versus Symantec Ghost

Created: 15 Sep 2010 • Updated: 02 Jan 2014 | 4 comments

My dilemma...

Using Ghost version

Have four Ghost consoles, and have successfully installed target PCs from these other consoles onto a single "master" console. Target PCs show as "connected", tasks can be run off of these PCs and PCs can even be shut down from single console. However, I cannot WOL target PCs to run tasks.

The PCs that are in the same subnet of the master console can be woken with WOL successfully. It's the target PCs in different subnets that I am having trouble with. Now the second part...

When using DeepFreeze (version from the master console, target PCs in different subnets can be woken up as easily as PCs in the console's subnet. Why can't Symantec Ghost do this same function? Is there a port difference, protocol or something else I'm missing?

Just as a point of reference, we are using a wide area network over a T1 line.

Thanks for any help.

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WOL is not a routable protocol, so you need a "repeater" to pass magic packets to a different subnet, if I recall correctly. Presumably Deepfreeze is somehow handling this for you.

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Does anyone know how DeepFreeze is able to do this given WOL is not a routable protocol? I'm assuming DeepFreeze and Ghost use different ports, but that shouldn't make a difference, should it?

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The following post from Nigel may further explain the reason that we are behaving differently from other WOL products.


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