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Default Media set for new tape cartridge

Created: 25 Sep 2012 | 4 comments
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Refer to P. 128

Understand the default media set for tape and disk cartridge media, and its
four-week overwrite protection period.
See “About the default media set Keep Data for 4 Weeks” on page 373.

Refer to P. 373

About the default media set Keep Data for 4 Weeks
When you install Backup Exec, a default media set named Keep Data for 4Weeks
is created. Be default, all of the media that you use for the backup jobs that you
create are automatically associated with the media set Keep Data for 4 Weeks.

The backup data is protected from overwrite for four weeks. The media can be
appended to for six days.

I am confuse about the new tape operation. Some people said that the new tape will be associated with scratch media set by default.

What is the best practices for the new tape operation procedure?


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When you have a new tape and have not used it before, leave it in the scratch media set.  After your job has written to the tape, it will automatically be associated with the targeted media set.  What you have quoted from the Admin Guide is after the tape has been written to.

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Hi pkh

Sorry, I have quite a lot problem with media set.

We don't have the media set "Keep Data for 4 Weeks" (maybe already deleted by user)
I just tried to create the below 2 One time backup job

One time backup to "disk" job:
it will associate to "Keep for 2 week" media set automatically but this media set is not exist in "All Media Sets Details"

One time backup to "tape" job:
What will happen if I don't choose any media set?
What is the overwrite protection period for this job?
The tape can be recycle-able at anytime when the tape is full?

Thanks much for your kindly help again!!!!

All Media Sets Details.jpg one time backup to Disk.jpg one time backup to Disk 2.jpg one time backup to tape.jpg one time backup to tape 2.jpg
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When you are backing up to Disk Storage, media sets does not apply.  Disk Storage is managed by DLM.

As for your one-time tape backup, why don't you test it out by backing up a small file to tape and not selecting any media set.  You should be able to see when the tape expires after this job has completed.  To be safe, I always define and specify a media set for my tapes.

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What the Admin guide quotes on page 373 is that by default when you create a new backup job to tape the default media set that would be selected is Keep data for 4 weeks. You can change this to other media set once you have the media set created.